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Greig’s Caves

Privately Owned & Operated

407 Scenic Caves Road,
Lion’s Head,

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula,
Ontario, Canada

9:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. Will see you again in May 2024




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You can visit Greig’s Caves witout getting dirty – but these are examples of ‘extreme’ explorers
after finding the deepest nocks and crannies of the caves.
Greig’s Caves Visitors on 28 August 2013

Before entering the Caves
Front – after visiting the Caves
Back – after visiting the Cave
Katie (in the red top) promised to have fun and get dirty and accomplished her promise,
when she was accompanied by Claire, Brandon, Kyla and Christina on their visit
to Greig’s Caves on Wednesday, 28 August 2013.

Young Shannon was bragging about the fun she had getting dirty touring Greig’s Caves.
Dad Brian appears to have had just about as much fun, when, along with Sher & Brad,
they visited on 28 August from Oshawa.

The young adventurers in the Pearl Family, made up of Hannah, Rachel, Liam, Violetta and
Len, from Toronto, show off the dirt as the evidence of enjoying themselves
when they climbed and slid through the Greig's Caves on 28 August.

Greig’s Caves Visitors on 21 August 2013

Mike, Sheena, Lauren, Isabella & neice Alicia from Sarnia, Ontario, have the dirt on their cloths to prove they had fun when they visited Greig’s Caves on Wednesday, 21 August 2013.

65 years young Richard, with his natural platnium blonde hair, displays the fun
he had climbing through Greig’s Caves. He, and his companion from the
Hamilton/Grimsby area, were in the area with two different groups that
were traversing the Bruca Trail on the weekend.

Click here to see why these visitors got soooo dirty.
More fun is evident on Veikk, Mairi, Lorenzo & Mateo from Toronto, and Anna & Markus (the blondes) from Brooklyn, New York, after their exploration of Greig’s Caves on 21 August, 2013.

img_2391.jpg img_2390.jpg img_2404.jpg
Some of the pictures that were taken by Leah and Dave from Kincardine
when they visited Greig's Caves on 15 August 2013
img_2368.jpg img_2377.jpg img_2386.jpg

Against the Wild
Written, directed and produced by Richard Boddington

    “Against The Wild” centers around two children left stranded after their plane crashes in the wilderness. Protected by their Alaskan Malamut, the pair must survive grizzly bears and white water rapids until their parents launch a rescue. “Species” actress Natasha Henstridge and “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” CJ Adams have joined the cast of family action movie “Against the Wild.”
    They are also joined by Erin Pitt, Ted Whittall and John Tench.

These images were taken by Henry Damsma when he and his wife from Goderich visited the Caves
on Wednesday, 10 July 2013. He plans on coming back to catch the fall colours, so keep watching.

These two from Indiana thourghly enjoyed themselves
as evidence by the dirt on 15 year old Joe’s knees
and 12 year old Kate’s _ _ _ when they visited
on 26 June 2013.
One of the local residents keeping an eye
on the activities below.
Bring your lunch and enjoy the peace and tranquility
as the birds serenade you.
You can pick up some fire wood to take back
to your camp site for an evening
of toasting marshmallows.

Hollywood comes to peninsula
By Scott Dunn, Sun Times, Owen Sound
Friday, October 26, 2012 8:03:36 EDT PM

Movie director Richard Boddington, second from right, discusses a take displayed on a
digital video monitor with child actors Erin Pitt and CJ Adams during a break in filming on
Friday, October 26, 2012, at Greig’s Caves just south of Lion’s Head. Pitt and Adams star
as Hannah and Zach in the movie ’Against the Wild“ which is currently in production.
Looking on at left is the film’s director of photography, Stephen Whitehead.

LION’S HEAD - Shooting for a new family action movie, “Against the Wild,” wrapped up Friday with a day at Greig’s Caves on the Bruce Peninsula.
   The tourist attraction-turned-movie set offered a location that fits the storyline, which follows the trials of two kids and a dog forced to fend for themselves after surviving a plane crash in the wilderness en route to visit their father, executive producer Marc Swenker said in an interview.
   A dozen crew collected around the base of a barn-sized cave, the biggest of 10 caves at Greig’s Caves, between Wiarton and Lion’s Head.
   “OK guys, let’s shoot this,” called out assistant director Stewart Young.
   A wardrobe hand brushed off lead child actor Erin Pitt’s knees, a crew member waited with a fuzzy microphone on a boom. “Quiet in there please . . . Action!”
   Pitt and co-star CJ Adams climbed up large fallen rocks to reach the entrance to the impressive cave opening above. They peered in and entered together. The scene was shot in segments of 30 seconds or less. Director Richard Boddington and others watched a monitor, not the action itself, as the digital cameras followed the actors’ climb up to the vaulted cave opening.
   Boddington’s film credits include the 2010 film The Dogfather, a family comedy featuring Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Parnell.
   Adams played the movie lead in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” and Pitt has several TV movies and films to her credit. Natasha Henstridge, playing their mother, was not on the set. She was in the movie “Species” and has several TV credits including “CSI:Miami.”
   “We’re at Greig’s Caves because there is a scene in the film where two kids are lost in the woods and they spend the night in the cave for shelter,” Swenker said. About 40 crew worked the shoot, coming from Toronto, Scarborough and Parry Sound, where most of the movie was shot.
   Parry Sound has a small post-production house and it is at the southerly end of an economic development fund territory, which allows the film production to dip into the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, he said. The Greig’s Caves scene is one of some 120 scenes in the movie, Swenker said.
   The children’s characters encounter a grizzly bear, timber wolf and dodge other threats during the film. The Canadian production, which should be ready for public release next summer, Swenker said, started shooting last month.
   Quest for Fire, the film about prehistoric man, was also shot at Greig’s Caves in 1981. For caves owner Don Greig, it’s too long to be of much promotional value for this far-flung attraction, which was closed for three seasons before he reopened it two years ago.
   “We’ve been banking on ‘Quest for Fire’ for 30 years now. So we’re trying to get something else that we can say, hey, this was filmed here,” Greig said. In May, a video was shot there for the Much Music Video Awards show opener, and in July, preliminary footage was gathered there for another movie which has yet to obtain financing, Greig said.
   Visitors often from locations in Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area pay a fee to view the caves, which have been a commercial attraction for about 50 years, estimated Greig, the third generation of the family to operate the attraction.
   The trees were leafless, and the forest floor was a mash of browns and greens. A large cedar grows out of the rock face, which is part of the Niagara Escarpment, high above cave entrance. Georgian Bay could be seen through the trees not far away.
   Swenker said the uniqueness of this location made it worth moving the film crew there for a day. “It’s a stunning location. How many other places in Ontario can you get a place like that?”

Scenes of Quest for Fire was
filmed here in the Spring 1981.

Scenes of Against the Wild was
filmed here in October 2012.

Can you spot the scenes that were shot at
Greig’s Caves?

Here is the opening from the 2012 MMVAs I just finished up on. Shot on Canon C300 w/ Zeiss ZE Prime kit. A Couple GoPro shots mixed in there as well. We used green and blue screen suits to get the silhouettes. Lots of AE compositing and even more rotobrush for this one.

Director: Bert McKinley/Jon Kalisz
DOP: Bert McKinley
Producer: Zachary Derhodge
Design/VFX/Compositing: Ameesha Earnshaw, Berkeley Poole, Bert McKinley, Michelle Astrug,
Design/VFX/Compositing: Jon Kalisz, Scott Ferguson.
Sound Design: Marcel Ramagnano at Boombox Studios
AC: Kyle Carruthers

Posted May 7, 2012 by Yopofun

Posted by September 20, 2011


Owen Sound Sun Times
Friday, May 18, 2012
MuchMusic directors Bert McKinley, left, and John Kalisz spent Thursday at Greig’s Caves south of Lion’s Head filming special effects vignettes for the upcoming 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards Show. The vignettes had actors Steven Mayers, Dexter Howe and Nick Apsotolou dressed in green and blue screen special effects outfits, which will be computer manipulated in the finished video segments for the program, which is to be broadcast on June 17. Greig’s Cave were also used as a location for the 1981 movie Quest for Fire.
www.owensoundsuntimes.com2012517201534.png www.owensoundsuntimes.com201251720153.png www.owensoundsuntimes.com2012517201557.png
Photos by: James Masters

A MuchMusic Video was filmed at Greig’s Caves...
to be seen on the MuchMusic Video Award Show, June 17, 2012.
Men in blue and green
Rocky is in on the action
Camera... ACTION!
MM_3.jpg MM_4.jpg
The film crew being interviewed by the Sun Times.